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Friday, February 1, 2013

Love Lists: Day One

Quirky Things I Love:

1. Post-it Notes. Especially ones in fun colors or shapes. But I use the large lined ones the most.

2. Pens with ink of unusual colors. Only fine point. And I hate it when they stop writing a day after purchase.

3. Movies so awful that I giggle all the way through them. Topping my list currently: Season of the Witch.

4. Salt on my grapefruit.

5. Preparing tax returns for my clients. Because if they get a refund I'm very excited that I was able to help with that, and if they owe money I'm grateful it's not me.

6. Driving in the snow. Notice I did not say driving on ice, which is another thing altogether.

7. Riding backwards on a horse. I haven't done this for years, but for whatever reason, I'd much rather see where I've been than where I'm going. And yes, I know this means that I have no control whatever over my mount. Please note how unconcerned I am.

8. Frogs and salamanders. Because they have perpetual smiles and no teeth--kind of like happy babies.

9. This online game. I'm not good at it. I keep starting over. But it makes me laugh. Also, Morcai sends me gifts and toilet papers my campsite and throws bricks at me, and I have no idea how to reciprocate or retaliate, which also makes me laugh but probably makes him think I'm ungrateful or ignoring him. And then I laugh some more because I love this stupid game which I have no idea how to play.

10. Sitting in silence with people I love. I'm listening to the sounds they make when they're not talking. I'm sorting through what I feel when I'm with them. I'm seeing beyond what they look like, understanding how they change my world, breathing them in. I'm allowing them to touch my heart and soul.


  1. Haha, Kingdom of Loathing is awesome.

  2. I know! Which is why I keep playing it even though I have no idea what's going on. :)