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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Boots are Optional

Last week was my anniversary. Darrin and I both had too much "busy" to celebrate, and as last night opened up (first open night in two weeks), we decided to go out to dinner. We were sitting at our table and every time the door opened for patrons, I would get a draft of frigid air on my legs. Darrin very gallantly gave me his coat to put across my lap.

Two young women were seated at the table next to us. They immediately removed their coats (I was still wearing mine) and made themselves comfortable. My eyes met Darrin's and we both shook our heads in disbelief. One young lady was wearing a low-cut halter dress--yes, that means bare arms and shoulders, as well as bare legs--and the other was wearing a thin satiny dress that stopped at mid-thigh. The only thing she wore on her feet were dressy flip-flops (did I mention all the snow we have on the ground right now?).

Darrin and I finished our meal and left. As we drove by a bank we noted the temperature: 5 degrees. What were we thinking? Clearly, we were overdressed for such balmy temperatures!

Only where I live is summer attire appropriate on a windy, snowy night with temperatures in the single digits. Darrin and I went home and made hot chocolate and I threw on a warm sweatshirt. We've never felt the need to be trendy.

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