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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Adam: Will you play Chess with me?
Me: Why? You hate losing.
Adam: Yeah, but you let me move sixteen times before you kill me.
Me: You've been counting?
Adam: Yup. Sixteen times--then--death.
Me: If you know how many moves I make, then you must know what the moves will be before I make them.
Adam: I can't remember. Besides, you don't do them in order.
Me: Yes, I do.
Adam: Nope. Sometimes you start on one side of the board and sometimes on the other.
Me: But I still do the same moves. The board is a mirror image of itself. And if I do the same moves each time, that means you probably do, as well.

Long pause...

Adam: I'm an idiot.
Me: Not really, no.
Adam: You're doing the same moves on purpose, aren't you. You're hoping I'll figure it out and change the game. That's not fair.
Me: Do you still want to play?
Adam: No. I'm going to play computer chess instead.