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Friday, April 18, 2008

Grow up!

Today Darrin told me how DJ's seminary teacher got upset at two of the class members for talking about the possibility of peeing in the baptismal font when they were little boys.

I got in trouble because I giggled when the story was told.


This is why I'm not teaching seminary this year. I just encourage them.


  1. Wait, did you teach seminary before?
    I wish I could have had you as a teacher.

  2. I teach seminary fairly regularly, but as I burn myself out each year, I take every other year off. I'll probably be back next year, but only because I love those kids--and there's a possibility that the sound of my own voice appeals, as well.

  3. But that would actually make you a really cool seminary teacher.

  4. The only thing that I remeber about my baptism is that the water was cold. I wish I would have thought of peeing in the font. I'm sure the other too kids would have appreciated it!