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Thursday, April 24, 2008


There's a lot going on right now--so, an update might be in order.

DJ is leaving on a choir tour tomorrow. He'll be back next Tuesday. I miss him already.

Adam had surgery today. The I.V. went in after the fourth attempt and a large sedative. Adam was a complete pill, but the surgery went well. He's deaf for awhile in his left ear, but that should change in the next week. We'll know when the packing is removed.

Tabitha is trying to decide if it's worth it to adopt the snotty Junior High attitude. So far, it hasn't been, but her self-righteousness increases daily. It will be lovely to watch this one finish puberty and go through high school. Her room continues to accumulate "stuff". I have no idea what to do about it. She is the unpredictable, moody, volatile teen that I never was. Good thing she's adorable and sweet in-between the emotional eruptions.

Darrin started a new job this month. He's been travelling for the past three weeks. Between this and his Bishop calling, I rarely see him. Sometimes he comes home at night--sometimes he doesn't. Tonight is one of the "doesn't" nights, as will be tomorrow night. Darrin's trying to get time to come home this weekend. I hope he can. He called me tonight to tell me he missed me. It's good to be missed by someone you love.

I'm okay. I realized last week that I probably will always be okay. When this type of stress occurs in my life I want to shut down and just work. I don't want to talk to anyone--mostly because I have nothing to say. However, because of the things that Therapist and I have talked about pertaining to this, I'm trying to keep talking to people--so if I say hi, but then don't have anything else to add, you'll know that I'm following instructions, but I'm too tired to be entertaining or delightful. But I'm not shutting myself away, and I'm trying not to immerse in work. As a result, I'm running a lot more than I probably should, but we all have our weaknesses, right?

I should sleep. Oh. Yeah. That's another thing thing that's been elusive lately. However, as long as I'm running so much, perhaps I should pursue 40 winks. That made no sense. Welcome to my life.

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