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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Adam: My English teacher told me she was really upset with me today.
Me: Did she say why?
Adam: Yeah. I'm getting behind in her class and I told her I'd be missing it again this week.
Me: Adam, you don't have any reason to be behind. You've spent lots of time on the computer lately, and the rule is that you're supposed to do homework first.
Adam: Well, it's like tests and stuff that I have to do after school.
Me: So why aren't you taking care of those after school?
Adam: She's been in meetings.
Me: Will you please see if you can arrange to do the make-up in the next couple of days?
Adam: Yeah. I will.
Me: It's not too late? You're sure she'll still let you do it?
Adam: Yeah. She feels really bad now for being upset with me, so she'll let me do pretty much anything.
Me: What? What are you talking about?
Adam: Well, when I told her I'd been absent for doctor's appointments, and showed her the thing in my ear, and told her I had to have surgery, she got all nice and said I could have all the time I needed.
Me: Adam, that's manipulative. You were supposed to tell her about that from the beginning.
Adam: I know. But teachers are nicer when they feel guilty.
Me: You can't do that anymore.
Adam: Is it okay if I keep doing it till the make-up work is done?
Me: No.
Adam: Fine. But just so you know, you're destroying my system.


  1. students like that make me shake my fist at their system...i usually ask for a note from home to prove that they're not manipulating me :D

  2. Hahaha. Adam's awesome. And you're a good mom.