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Monday, January 28, 2008

Complete sentences

DJ: So, at All State Choir, for the concert they arranged us by height.
Me: Don't they always do that?
DJ: Yeah, most often. But this time I got stuck between an extremely heavy-set baritone...

(long, long pause until I can no longer stand it)

Me: DJ, please tell me there's another part to that sentence.
DJ: Huh?
Me: You got stuck between a heavy-set baritone?
DJ: Oh, sorry...between a heavy-set baritone and also a heavy-set tenor.
Me: Thank you. That first visual was disturbing.
DJ: Mom, sometimes you're a little bit weird.


  1. .

    Sheezh, parents!

    Also: Brozy: You changed jackets!

  2. I would have reacted very similarly. The pause would probably have been shorter for me though.

    And were it not for weird, life would be no fun.