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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I Love My Elbow

Almost exactly one year and one month ago, my life as an obscure blogger came to an end. I had several reasons for starting a blog:
1. I was trying to get to know former blogger Ward Cleaver.
2. I was exploring the possibility of finding online support for a young friend in my community.
3. I was venting.

For about three months my blog had one avid reader, Ward, and two regular lurkers who never commented, and whom I never identified. But in June of 2006, Elbow discovered my blog and spotlighted me in a post. From that point on, obscurity was not an option. Elbow's blog was fairly well known in the Queerosphere. When people started visiting and commenting on my blog, I began to panic. There were many things on the original blog that rapidly disappeared, and even though I maintained my goal to use my online journaling to help me through counseling, I was also aware that I was not invisible.

Elbow and I visited each other's blogs fairly regularly, and emailed occasionally. A couple of months ago we began chatting. From the time we encountered each other online, I have wished to meet him. And I finally did last Saturday.

The end.


  1. What? How? You are the most well connected witch I know. I stand in continued amazement. And jealousy.

  2. And you're really, really glad you know me, right? Come on, say it...