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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phone Call

Jen: Hey Sam, this is Jen.
Me: Wow, I didn't recognize your number. I'm glad you called. It's been awhile.
Jen: Ummm... not that long, really.
Me: Well, it seems a long time.
Jen: You're sweet. Anyway, I wanted to say something about what we were talking about.
Me: Okay, but first, how are you?
Jen: Fine. It's not that big of a deal, really.
Me: How are the kids? Your oldest in is Junior High now?
Jen: Is this Sam?
Me: Yes.
Jen: Samantha Miller?
Me: Oh. No. Is this Jennifer Sims?
Jen: Oh. No.
Me: Wow, sorry. This is weird.
Jen: Yeah. What are the odds?
Me: No idea. Have a nice day?
Jen: You too. I love you.

Long pause....

Me: (giggling) I can't believe you just said that.
Jen: (giggling) I can't either. Well, even if you're not my friend Samantha, I think you'd be a good one.
Me: I think you'd be a good friend, Jennifer, too. Call back anytime.
Jen: I just might do that. Bye!
Me: Bye!


  1. That's like an ATP-caliber awkward moment right there. Awesome.

  2. Wow. Totally awkward. That's amazing. I think you should call her up, have a lunch together and just see how much further your awkwardness goes!