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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things I saw before I went to bed tonight

1. A red fox. It ran across my path while I was jogging. I watched for a few moments. I love foxes.
2. A Mountain Canary. They're so beautiful.
3. A pink and purple sunrise.
4. An incredibly blue sky.
5. A Bald Eagle. There is something amazing about watching them fly.
6. A half moon, haloed and glowing as it floats through black clouds.
7. My children and husband, sleeping.


  1. I saw fireworks, but yours is better. ;)

  2. I love running in the morning. I have had a few deer run across my path and enjoy the beautiful sunrises, too. If you are running early tomorrow morning, or are finally going to bed after a run, I will be thinking of you as I do my run!