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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Meeting People

I spent yesterday visiting people. For the first time since last December, Darrin is with me. It's a different dynamic with him beside me. I'm less nervous, but I also keep falling into the "if I know this person, you must also" trap. He has no knowledge of many of the people we meet (because he is a lame blogger), but I sometimes forget to fill him in. Thank goodness he's so easygoing about things like that. We dropped off AtP and his lovely friend last night at midnight, then Darrin and I went to a grocery store because we're cooking dinner today, and Darrin had bunches of questions about the people we'd met today. I laughed because I realized how odd much of our conversations must have seemed to him, and I was really happy that he just sits back and listens and waits for the right time to gather information--not at all like me--I just ask whatever I feel like asking.

Anyway, even though I'm missing my kids, it's nice to be spending some time with my best friend (he doesn't seem to be missing our kids--what's up with that?), and sharing that time with other friends. I'm going to spend more time, when I get home, talking about the people we've seen and things we've done, but I want to say thanks to those of you who've made time to share meals and let us drop in unexpectedly. We have enjoyed every minute of being with you. And I just have to say, AtP, you're in a class by yourself. I love being with you! Today we'll be seeing more friends, and if you're one of them, I expect a hug, even if we've never met in person. Please don't disappoint me.

Time to go get ready for church. Darrin and I are headed to Provo to crash some Moho's ward. We'll be the very reverent old people sitting in the back, grooming ourselves for the time when Darrin becomes a general authority and I am his dutiful wife.


Ummm...yeah, actually, we'll just blend in, you won't even notice us...except that I might be with AtP...and he's sort of noticeable because he's never pious...and even when I try to be good, he interrupts me...which is why we're both going to hell...want to come????


  1. Aww man, what's the point in going if we're going to be pious and inconspicuous the whole time? ;)

    Oh right, the whole not-ruining-someone-else's-ward bit. I'll have to try that on and see if it fits. I doubt it will. >=D

    PS it was great to actually be able to sit down and talk with you and Darrin yesterday! I hope you make it a habit of seeing us anytime you visit Utah, because you're one of the most fantastic people to just be around!

  2. I'm such a bad friend. sorry I slept in.

    anyway, i love you a ton.

  3. Blast I would have love to have seen you. I'm in California though, so another time. Hope you had fun! :)

  4. You added so much to FHE tonight! I am so glad that I got to chat w/you for a bit.

  5. um, I freaking love your guts. Which, yes, I do realize is a weird thing to say, but lets face it, we're weird people. We did jump on the Matis' trampoline in skirts.

    I'm so glad you came and visited and I'm glad we got to spend more time together. I can't wait until the next time we get to hang out with you. And Darrin should come down more often. You guys are fantastic!

  6. Can I just say that you about scared the crap out of me when you sat on the arm of the bench and put your arm around me? People in my ward don't do that.

    At first I thought, "a relative?" then I thought, someone I should know, but am stupid and have forgotten?

    It was good to meet you both! I wish you could've come to my mom's house for walking tacos! We'll have to have you both over some time when you're here again.

  7. I feel left out of this party. :( Poor Tolkien Boy.

  8. Thank you for being so amazing. Just having you there made me feel really comfortable. Thanks for inviting me...and inviting me again. Your friendship means a lot. I'm gald I was able to come.

  9. Drex: We loved visiting with you--sort of felt like we were interrupting when we got there, but if I drive that many miles to see you, well, I'll probably just be rude and invite myself in...pretend I'm the queen...truly it was a pleasure to spend time with you and Salad.

    AtP: YOU ARE A BAD FRIEND!! And you owed me at least one for all the times I've been late or made you late...Are we even yet?

    th.: Yes. He's Darrin.

    Stephalumpagus: Next time we're both in the same place, we'll visit. :)

    By a Thread: I love you! and you give great hugs.

    Salad: I freaking love you BACK!! and we really need to work on our River Dance Tramp moves for the next Matis event when we're together.

    Ken: You made my day!! Of course, I'll do anything to create a disturbance, solicit attention, get a reaction...well...almost anything...thanks for letting us crash your ward.

    TB: You know that anytime you're in Utah, I have time reserved just for you. However, if we need to invite more people to make it a party, well, I'm up for that, as well. And I'll only do that for people I really love.

    Elbow: It was a pleasure to finally meet the man who discovered me. Thanks for taking time to lunch with us--and I loved seeing you again at the FHE. I'm glad you could come, too.