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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things that made me laugh today

1. Tabitha made enough oatmeal for everyone in the entire Queerosphere, then insisted that she would eat all of it. I've never seen anyone look quite as sick as she did thirty minutes later.
2. Adam owned up to not changing his underwear for three days because he really likes the color of the pair he's been wearing. And even though I find that horribly disgusting, I also think it's kind of funny.
3. I went to a movie with Tabitha and Annie and slept through most of it. Okay--that made them laugh first, but then I woke up and laughed with them.
4. I ran down a very steep hill. I have no idea why this makes me laugh exultantly, but it does--every time I run down it.
5. Four people called today for George's plumbing. I didn't play with them, but I did laugh when I hung up the phone.
6. Tolkien Boy told me he was not attracted to me. I have no idea why I find this hilarious. Nor do I know why it makes me incredibly happy.
7. I stood outside while it rained softly--it was joyful and delightful--and it made me laugh.
8. Darrin told me the bed was much nicer with me in it. That's just funny.
9. I got some junk mail advertising a sex instruction manual and video--in Spanish. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps it was time to learn how to have sex in a foreign language...I don't even know what that means...
10. DJ hugged and kissed me while I was fixing dinner, and he said he loved me. That's not really funny, but it made me laugh anyway. He laughed with me.

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  1. Sex in Spanish is much better than sex in English. Trust me, I know--I served a mission in Spain.