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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keyword Analysis

I love the fact that a certain percentage of my blog visitors come because of the results of an online search engine. Most of my hits through this venue have been to this post and I hope the visitors stop there, because they're obviously interested in planting flowers, not in abuse or homosexuality, or my therapy self-pity crap. However, there are other searches I find interesting, and some just crack me up. I find myself wishing some of the visitors would come back so I could find out what was on their minds when they listed the search (although sometimes it's pretty obvious).

So today, for your enjoyment (okay, mostly my enjoyment), I'm sharing some of the searches through which new cyberfriends whom I have not yet met, have found my lovely corner of the bloggiverse (all searches listed exactly as they were input by their originators).

Gardener friends:
1. perennial asylum flower
2. purple snap dragons.jpg
3. pictures white alyssum and pansies

Romantic friend:
1. wedding lines

Platonically curious friends:
1. is kissing someone on the cheek platonic?
2. platonic kissing
3. non-sexual touch
4. importance of non-sexual touch
5. non-sexual hugging

Anger management friends:
1. i don't want to be angry anymore
2. being raised by angry mother anger
3. we're not angry anymore angry anymore
4. happy not angry

Friends with very good taste in women:
1. dara torres latin roots

Confused friends:
1. i went beautiful lines words about someone to care him
2. mixed orientation marriage and negotiating
3. merrily, we roll alone

Porn star seeking friends (yup, I named my daughter after a porn star--not intentional, mind you, but what can you do?):
1. tabitha stevens blogspot

1. why is samantha stevens lds and an ssa lesbian who likes atp?

I'm not kidding--someone really searched that. The searcher has a Mac and was searching from the BYU campus, but not using a campus computer, in the general vicinity of the HFAC (which could mean anywhere--bookstore, library, parking lot, whatever), IP address:

I'm hoping that last friend comes back. I'd really like to know him/her.

Oh, and the last part of that search is completely wrong. I don't like AtP. I adore him. Forever.


  1. Samantha, I love your blog, and I love you. I needed the chuckle, today.