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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh my goodness, YAY!!!

In keeping with the theme of my last post, I had a visitor from the Sacramento area who found me by Googling these:

1. why is samantha stevens friends with mr. fob who is very cool
2. is samantha stevens as cool as mr. fob?
3. who is sexier samantha stevens or mr. fob?
4. is mr. fob samantha stevens' favorite married gay man?
5. samantha stevens has a crush on mr. fob
6. samantha stevens thinks mr. fob is sexy
7. samantha stevens is really tolkien boy

Now, the IP address of this particular visitor places him very near Davis, CA (in fact, I actually have a street address for this one), which is about where Mr. Fob likes to live now, so this raises two possibilities:

1. Mr. Fob wants to join in the fun and give me some hilarious search results (and I wouldn't put it past him--please note the apostrophe in number four--who does that? not a normal person...).
2. Someone really, really likes Mr. Fob and feels threatened by the fact that I love him, too.

So if number one is correct, ummm....Mr. Fob, please stop it--or find a topic to search that's less weird.

And if number two is correct, well, no one can ever, ever, ever compete with FoxyJ, so the searcher is just out of luck. However, just for the record, I'll satisfy the search queries:

1. Because I'm very cool, too, and Mr. Fob and I like being friends with each other.
2. Absolutely, perhaps even more cool because I can do cartwheels better than he can.
3. Me. No question about it. Tolkien Boy told me so only a couple of days ago, so I know it's true (actually, he told me I was sexy, not sexier than Mr. Fob, but I'm extrapolating meaning to make it fit the situation).
4. No. But I don't have a favorite married gay man. And I could never choose Mr. Fob over Jason, or Beck, or Boo's husband, or Sir Ken, or The Great -L-. I love them all. I have difficulty choosing a favorite color, too. Bummer.
5. Of course I do! and on everyone else in my life. It's a personal weakness. I'm working on it.
6. Naturally, who doesn't?
7. Rats. You figured it out.

Thank you so much for your visit today. Come back again soon!!


  1. 4. Admit it . . . You're waiting for Edgy to get married so you can declare him to be your favorite married gay man.

  2. How do you know it wasn't FoxyJ, beginning to wonder herself about her husband's and your comparative sexiness?

    Because clearly if it were me--at least a clearly thinking me--I would've said the more correct "Stevens's."

  3. Edgy, well, yes.

    Mr. Fob, FoxyJ would just ask. She's too busy to search my blog for sexiness evidence. And correct usage or not, I know very few people (of which you are one) who use apostrophes in search engines. Ever.

    JB, I have to admit, they are.

  4. You are all too weird!
    Thats probably why I like you!