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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What/Who I am missing tonight

1. AtP hugs--because they're amazing.
2. Darrin--because I want to go to bed, but he's not home yet, and it's just not the same without him.
3. DJ--because he's playing with friends, and someday he won't come home anymore because he'll live somewhere else.
4. The sunset--because it was breathtaking tonight and didn't last long enough.
5. The Boomerang--because it's my favorite amusement park ride, and I have a yen to be on it tonight.
6. Strawberries--because someone ate the last of them and I want them now.
7. Tolkien Boy--for no particular reason, but maybe because I always feel like we only talk when we're both too busy to really say anything.
8. Jason--because we talked on the phone tonight and that always makes me miss people even more.
9. Ambrosia--because I made a spinach salad tonight and I thought of her because even though she doesn't like spinach, she's been sweet enough to eat my salads without complaining.
10. Sully--just because I miss him perpetually.
11. Edgy--because it seems like forever since we had lunch.
12. O.M., J.B., and Pinetree, because they all started new word games with me and I didn't even have to give them cookies.
15. Tomatoes--no reason, I just do.
16. Running in the dark--because Darrin has asked me not to do that anymore. It makes him nervous.
17. Underdog the Cartoon--which I don't really remember, but I've been told I watched it as a toddler, and I think I must have liked it.
18. Playing duets with my dad--which I haven't done since I was nine. Weird.
19. Homemade Root Beer--because I really like it. I don't know if it's the dry ice smoke or the taste, but I suspect the former.
20. Me--because lately I haven't been certain who I am, and I'd really like to know. I think that's important.


  1. Homemade root beer does sound nice.

    And I'm counting down the days to our next lunch because it has been forever since we've had lunch together. (Does the dinner we shared last time count?)

  2. I'm sorry that I don't like spinach. It's a shame, when you make such beautiful salads.

    And next time you come over, we'll have to find a cooler and make root beer. It really is the best.

    I hope we get to see you again soon.

  3. Yay! I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or not when I take my turn, but it's been fun! I started several games with you about a month ago (or so I thought) and they all seem to have disappeared. Maybe I was doing it wrong back then.

    Hey what if you, me, Brozy and Bawb all go on Boomerang together? That's one of my faves too, even if it does beat up my head and neck a bit more than I'd like. . . Brozy and Bawb are wicked fun at an amusement park!