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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

True Confessions

I love words beyond what is considered acceptable in mixed company. And I have no idea what that last sentence means, nor do I care, as long as it expresses the fact that I'm so much in love with words that it is an obsession. Tabitha hates the vocabulary part of English--something I cannot even begin to understand. I adored learning vocabulary--not the stupid workbooky things, but just finding more words one could use to express different things. One of my teachers taught us Latin roots and then we'd find related words and guess their meanings based on the origin. I was in heaven.

For awhile I tried actually using my new words in common conversation. Most of my responses ran along the lines of, "Huh?" or "What did you say?" or "Is that even a word?" So, naturally, I gave up. The purpose of talking is, of course, to aid in communication and if the person with whom one is trying to communicate is not a logophile, well, it's best to stick with the basics. But while I curtailed my urge to share my love of words, I continued to avidly seek out new and unusual letter combinations which made me swoon. And, yes, I still do.

In tandem with this love of words has come the love of word games--all of them. I adore them. But the problem is finding someone who wishes to play with me. I've cajoled several friends into playing Scrabble and Boggle (under their real and fake names) with me online, but they lose interest after awhile. Only Edgy voluntarily continues our perpetual Scrabble game, with an occasional Boggle. Original Mohomie will humor me occasionally, but I believe AtP just rolls his eyes when I suggest we play. He's even allowed one of our games to DIE!!! I seriously considered cutting off all contact with him when that happened. Jason plays with me occasionally, but admits that he cheats (I still don't see how that can be fun--come on!!--we're talking about WORDS here!).

Scrabble presents the element of chance to our games, so it's highly possible that I will lose. Regardless of how many words I know, if my letters don't cooperate, or my opponent is able to use those cute colored squares to add bonus points to the words played, well, knowledge can't trump luck, can it? Boggle, however, presents everyone with a level playing field. All the letters are of equal value and you earn points simply by finding the words. I love it. I've been slacking off on my Boggle games lately, though, because I've been playing while I chat with clients at work. This is a bad idea. The game is timed, and often I forget I'm playing if my client is sufficiently distracting. Result = loss. Which also messes with my rating.

So last weekend I devoted all my attention to my online Boggle games. This has brought about a couple of results.
1. My online rating has increased dramatically as I've consistently racked up high scores.
2. No one wants to play with me anymore. My customary thirteen games, which normally move smoothly from turn to turn, have been stalled for about two days. This is not good.

So, today I returned once again to playing while I chat with customers, because, let's face it, it's sort of impossible to play without an opponent. Even the live games with strangers aren't as fun, because I like playing with friends.

And just because I want people to come back and take their turns, I'll give you a hint. Look for these words:

Okay, fine, I know that won't help because the board is different every time, but really, don't let our games die!! I appeal to your finer sensitivities...Do I have to make you cookies?


  1. Um, clearly we've miscommunicated. I never cheated at scrabulous (before it was murdered). Sorry ;-)

    I'm not even sure how you could cheat at that game, unless you were opening an at home dictionary to find all words beginning with a certain letter. Or you were using some weird program or something.

    PS--we should definitely do another emailed game. In fact, I'm gonna go start one now. (And scrabulous is WAY better than scramble. Scramble is boring.)

  2. Yeah--I was talking about Scrabble and Boggle collectively--didn't want to pinpoint which one you were cheating at, just in case someone had a game going with you. :)

  3. Ha! Very funny.

    Yeah, in case there was any question, I've never cheated at boggle (sramble) either. My passport to heaven still has its "Has never cheated on electronic games with others" stamp.

    But yours just lost its "has never incorrectly outed a fellow word- lover as a cheater" stamp. And that's a pretty important stamp, you know.

    Thankfully, repentance is real. ;-)

  4. I admit that I occasionally cheat. But, as I see it, if I want to have a score above, say, 50, I have no choice. For what it's worth, I do look up the words. Not that I remember them. Maybe I should start writing down their definitions and using them in daily conversation.

    And I like playing games with you. I seldom win at Scrabble anyway. And you're the only person I lose to at Boggle. (I guess that's not wholly true; I have one friend who is pretty evenly matched, our scores usually ending within 10 points of each other.)

    And just remember . . . Scrabble is a useful skill in the Underworld. People who won't play with you are going to find themselves unemployable.

  5. Hey, I don't just humor you. I like playing those games. And though you may pummel me most of the time, those extremely rare moments in which I've edged out ahead have been thoroughly satisfying. I enjoy a challenge. I mean, of the word game variety. I may have slowed down due to fears I'd need rehab for my addiction, and I sometimes need periods of pummeling others to regain some sense of confidence and restore my self-image, but I'll come back to the fight, believe you me.

    So bring it!

  6. This makes me want to play Boggle.

  7. I'M still up for word games. I just figured you got bored beating me all the time. Its on.