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Friday, May 30, 2008

Day Five

DJ graduated.

We had a lunch party for him today at a park. It was 69 degrees, sunny, with a fairly brisk wind. The Darrin relatives huddled in a corner and made unpleasant remarks about the weather. Darrin's oldest sister made non-stop comments about how we had "way too much food." I ignored everyone. This was for DJ not for them. They eventually went to their cars and sat there. DJ, sweetly oblivious to all conflict, enjoyed himself. When he was ready to leave, I suggested we move the party to our house to accommodate the wussy relatives. He said that was fine.

The relatives sat in my living room and said, "Isn't there anything to do around here?" Finally I said, "You have come to Hicktown USA. There is nothing to do here that doesn't happen outside. You don't like our weather, so you're inside. Inside, what we do is look at each other and visit. How about that! You're already doing it, and I didn't even have to show you how.! You're naturals!!" They looked at me like I was insane. I've never had such rude guests. They complained more and consumed amazing amounts of the food I had "way too much" of.

My neighbor from across the street came to visit bearing cookies. I believe she saved my life. She sat with me and we talked about fun things and laughed. She said to call her if I needed to escape and take a walk. I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity, but it was good to know she was there for me.

Graduation was short and sweet. One of Darrin's sisters complained that the auditorium was too hot. I thought it felt nice. We drove home--what a beautiful night! I mentioned to Mother-in-Law that the wind had died down and it was lovely. She growled about the cold and went inside my house. Tired of the complaints and bad tempers, I left her in there alone, and sat on the porch in my delightful outdoors. The other Darrin relatives decided they were hungry (how is that possible? They ate thousands of pounds of food today!) and they needed pizza. They invited me to go. I declined. Mother-in-law went with them. Adam decided I was much better company than the grouchy relatives, and stayed with me.

Adam and I both had stomach aches from all the stress. We took medicine. I worked and Adam rested until the pizza crew came back.

Everyone goes home tomorrow. I can't wait.

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