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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Three

I went to the dentist--I'm quite certain that's the reason I did what I did today.

When I came back from the dentist, I spent three hours conversing with Mother-in-law. She is now well-educated about the following terms:
Gay/Lesbian/SSA/Whatever = what I am.
MOM (mixed-orientation marriage) = what I have with Darrin.
Well-informed children = what her grandchildren are.
Love = true affection with the absence of malice, discrimination, or prejudice.
Blessings = people who have come into my life to support, guide or nurture me in the past two years. These might be passing commentors who have said just the right thing or good friends who have never gone away.
Courage = what people have who stick around when I'm being embarrassingly irrational.
Non-sexual touch = something I needed as a child, never received and now crave.
Stubbornness = an innate quality which keeps me trying even when I'm tired.

I don't really have much to say about this interchange. Mother-in-law cried when she thought about the unique condition of her baby's marriage. That was weird. She also hugged me and kissed me. Also weird, but still nice. Then she thanked me. She said I always give her a new perspective.

She makes me nuts. I love her like crazy.

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