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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nephews and more

I'm watching my nephews (18 months and 3 years) for a little while today. We went outside where they threw dirt at each other and ate ants. I figured, as long as they were enjoying themselves and baths were available, it was okay. Nevermind the fact that I probably wouldn't have allowed my own kids to do the same. It's okay to have a double standard for nephews. The oldest one ran around the yard and found sticks to wave. Unfortunately, his definition of "stick" is anything made of wood. He picked up an old board and now has a splinter in his finger. He won't allow me to do anything but look at it and say how sorry I am that it hurts. I think he might let my dad take it out when he comes. Maybe.

Tomorrow DJ will have an ultrasound, echo cardiogram, and too many blood tests. His blood pressure has been elevated for nearly a year now, steadily climbing until this week it hit 155 over 99. He says he feels fine, so I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about--but still impossible not to worry. DJ has been pure sunshine from the time he was born. He's just easy-going and sweet, loves to laugh, read, be with friends...I don't like it when things aren't right with his health.

Darrin has been home this week--which is so nice. He leaves for more training next week and we're not sure if he'll be allowed to come home for DJ's graduation. Sometimes corporations forget that employees have lives beyond work. Darrin said he'd keep reminding them that he needs to be back by the 29th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Adam had his last post-surgery check this week. Everything looks good. He's been really tired lately, but says he feels good.

Tabitha finally got her room cleaned. It took a year. I'm not exaggerating. I did not help this time. It's still not up to my standard, but I'll help her organize and finish the details (that's the really yucky part). She's promised to stop collecting candy wrappers and used tissues (ick!), and I have a feeling that under-the-bed still hosts some scary things. We'll get to that next week, I think.

I play for one more concert tonight, then for a competition on Saturday, then my performances for May are finished. I think it's time for a break.

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