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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Dysfunctional Gardener

Darrin told me I had to kill the dandelions in my flower-garden-to-be. And I did it, but it made me sad because, well, I like dandelions. They're so yellow and happy-looking. And let's face it, in my neck of the woods, yellow and happy-looking doesn't happen until June, usually, unless it happens with the dandelions. So I'd been letting them grow in my garden plot, just for color...

Darrin told me if I didn't kill the dandelions, I'd fight them all summer long and well in to next year. I think he's probably right, I'm just not sure I care. But I killed them anyway and my garden-to-be has been looking brown and dead.

But then, last week, my tulips bloomed--yellow and happy-looking! And they weren't killed by the snow a few days ago. And I have some rather stubborn pansies that come up year after year--yellow and orange and happy-looking!

I think I might go shop for flowers to put in my garden this week. And fresh herbs. And tomatoes.

I guess it's okay to kill the dandelions. But I really do like them.


  1. I feel the same way about dandelions. They really are quite pretty. When they're yellow, anyway.

    We decided to kill them early in hopes of really producing a green lawn this year. I guess we'll find out if it works.

  2. Well you could always eat their leaves. I hear they make a tasty salad. Just don't spray them with poison first.

  3. Yeah, I like dandelions, too. I thought Tulips needed a good frost to get going. . . no? And also, do you think tulip wood really comes from tulips? It smells nice, but I can't understand how they could get wood from flowers. . . I'm pretty sure it doesn't come from tulips. . .