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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"...the sieve of vanity..."

Yesterday I went to work without putting on any makeup. This is not really a big deal, as daily makeup, for me, consists of...mascara. And the only reason I wear it is because my mother told me if I didn't, the tips of my eyelashes would become sun bleached and I would not look like I had eyelashes anymore. And I believed her because her eyelashes are short and stubby, so I suppose, at my young age, I assumed she was speaking from experience.

But now I'm a grownup. And I know better. I realize that genetics gave me a lovely set of long, dark eyelashes (which I passed on to Tabitha and Adam...sorry DJ...yours are blondish brown...but still, very thick and long, so I did try), and they gave her short, stubby light eyelashes. It had nothing to do with the sun, although I suppose sun bleached eyelashes are not an impossibility.

With my grownup knowledge, however, has not come adult reasoning. I still wear mascara daily. I do wear more makeup if I'm performing, or going to something special and I feel I can bow to the demands of social custom, but not every day. That's too much. And since I don't really listen to my mother about anything anymore, one would think I could make it through one day without being uncomfortable sans mascara. I couldn't. Call me a creature of habit.

Or perhaps I'm just vain.


  1. Miki has two things that she MUST do before going out, regardless of where we're going: Mascara and a bra.

    So you're not alone.

  2. Oh...yeah...I should probably wear a bra...never thought of that...

    I learn so much from gay men.

  3. LOL. Samantha, can I adopt you as part of my family? You're truly AWESOME.

  4. Sam,

    I rarely ware makeup. I feel good if I get mascara on three weekdays. I try to wear it if I know I will see my husband that day, but that only happens four nights a week. I have been trying a little more since he asked me to try a little more... Oops, I didn't think you were looking at the women! :-)

  5. Kengo--I would be honored.

    Boo--nice to know someone else has the same beauty regime I do...